Fumbling Service

A few houses down there's a man who makes custom wheelchairs. He's in a wheelchair himself. He sets up traffic cones in front of his house and those he serves come and try them out. I don't really know this man yet, but, looking for ways we and our children can get involved in helping others, I suggested to our family that we go ask him if he needs help with anything. My wife, Jill, gave me that incredulous stare with mouth twisted sideways. She also looks for ways we can serve as a family but she usually does a bit more groundwork with her suggestions than I do."So you think a guy who makes wheelchairs for people and has pride in what he does wants people who don't know him yet to come patronize him with 'help'?" Jill said."Uh," I said."Why don't you get to know him first," Jill said. "Then go from there."She's right as usual.

GeneralGreg Taylor