From Ben and Kym Langford

The following is from friends, Ben and Kym Langford, who are moving to our former hometown, Jinja, Uganda, to continue the church planting mission we were doing 1994-2001. At times we miss Uganda, our friends, our mission there enough that we talk about going back to live. I visited there in 2003, and Jill did all the groundwork to prepare for that trip for me. She will certainly go with me next time but for now we're trying to decide when the best time is to take our children for a return visit. The Bartons, as I mentioned in an earlier post, just made a month-long visit to Uganda with their children.

This, my visit, and other recent visits by our team has been our ongoing commitment to our relationships that formed while we were in Uganda and continues eternally. Any assistance for Ben and Kym financially you can give by way of personal gifts, church funds, or referrals to those who may help would be greatly appreciated. The Lord has, through his servants in Portland, Oregon and Wichita, Kansas, provided most of their support, but they are still looking for a good chunk of their working funds: $15,000 annually.

Letter from Ben & Kym Langford

Dear Friends and Family,

The subject of this email gives you an update on the current circumstances of our life . . . waiting patiently! We are waiting patiently for three things to happen. 1) The birth of our first child 2) Moving to Uganda, East Africa and 3) Support for our working fund. 1)The birth of our first child. We are literally a couple of weeks, days, hours, or minutes away from the arrival of our first child. The due date is July 29th, but the baby is full term and can come at any moment. As it stands right now, the doctor has proposed that we induce labor sometime at the end of next week (possibly Friday the 23rd) to give us an extra week with the baby before we head to Uganda in October. We are seriously considering this because we are so anxious to meet him and Kym is ready to see her toes again. Yes, you did read it right, we are almost positive it is a boy and we are very excited. We have not decided on a name yet but we are thinking about Elijah, Benjamin and a few others have been thrown around as well. Please pray for the health of Kym and the baby and give thanks for the wonderful gifts of life God has given. 2) Moving to Uganda, East Africa.

We have been busy making preparations for our moving and for the work we will be doing in Uganda. We recently bought our tickets to leave on October 7th out of Dallas, TX. So Kym has been packing Rubbermaid containers of the few things that we will take to our new home. Most of it is baby stuff, clothes, books, pictures, and personal things we want to take with us. The cost to take extra pieces of luggage is $180 per piece, so we are forced to limit what we can take. Over the past few months we have also done team building with two of our teammates Spencer and Emily Bogle. Ben has also had opportunities to teach and preach at our supporting and home congregation, East County church of Christ. We have also been in regular conversation with our other teammates McKensey and Erika (they already live in Uganda) about having furniture built, getting our house ready, and getting updates on life and ministry that is happening in Uganda right now.

We are very excited about life and work in Uganda. Please pray that God will bless and use our time of preparation and the He will go before us and reveal to us the work He is already doing in the Soga region of Uganda. 3) Support for our working fund. God has blessed us generously with our salary and majority of our one time needs. As you may know, several members of the East County church of Christ have pledged to supporting a major part of our salary and the elders at East County have committed to overseeing us and our work. In addition, Rock Road church of Christ near Wichita, KS has committed to supporting the remaining portion of our salary. However, we are still seeking and praying for a church or individuals willing to share with us in this ministry by supporting our working fund.

We are in need of $1,250 per month ($15,000 per year) towards this working fund. The fund will be used to cover cost associated with ministry and work we will doing such as fuel to get to and from the village ($4 or $5 per gallon), printed materials and other materials used for teaching and ministry, benevolence gifts toward ministry related projects, security, and airfare back to the U.S. to report too and spend time with supporting congregations. We have exhausted most of our contacts for support and the time for our departure is growing nearer. Please keep your ears open to any churches or individuals who maybe interested in supporting our working fund and pray that God will provide as he has done so well for us up to this point. Thank you for all your love, support and prayers. Blessings and Peace Ben and Kym Langford

GeneralGreg Taylor