Free car or cremation gratis?

Quoting SCORECARD in Sports Illustrated (July 26, 2004)--It's an age-old question: Would you rather have a free car or be cremated gratis? Will Campbell, 19, a fan of the Class A Brevard County (Fla.) Manatees, found himself facing that very conundrum last Thursday. Campbell was competing in the Manatees' Car Survivor contest--trying to win a 1995 Geo Metro by outlasting four other contestants crammed into the vehicle--when his name was called during a between-the-innings raffle sponsored by a local funeral home. Campbell first thought it was a ruse designed by one of his opponents to lure him from the car.

When he was assured it wasn't, Campbell disinterred himself from the vehicle in which he'd spent three days and claimed a certificate entitling him to one free cremation. "I may not be able to use what I won for 70 years," says Campbell, who will be a freshman at Elon College this fall, "but at least I didn't leave empty-handed."

GeneralGreg Taylor