Carpe Manyana

If you've never heard or read Leonard Sweet, then sieze tomorrow and do it. If you're into metaphors, he'll be that kiosk that you gravitate toward in the open market. His is a fresh voice for the emergent church. One of his quirky and funny ideas is Carpe Manyana. No, not carpe diem, but Carpe Manyana. Sure, it mixes a dead language and a living one (Spanish is from Latin and I suppose Manyana comes from Latin), but the idea is to be watchful for where people are going tomorrow and be there. This idea could work for business or the American Dream, and I hesitate to "sieze" ideas that are often co-opted to satisfy our own cultural values. So the idea is not uniquely Christian but does point to ideas that are uniquely Christian: the resurrection, the second coming of Christ that we await and say "Maranatha, Come Lord Jesus." When we are siezing tomorrow, we acknowledge that today is a chance to prepare for what is coming, both in terms of ministry and in terms of waiting for the Lord.

GeneralGreg Taylor