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UN sets deadline for Sudan action. The Security Council passes a resolution threatening to punish Sudan if it fails to halt atrocities in Darfur in 30 days. [BBC News News Front Page UK Edition] Full of the Holy Spirit Were individuals "indwelled" with the Spirit before Pentecost? Wasn't John the Baptist (Lk 1:15) filled with the Spirit from birth? The Spirit of God was upon Mary (Lk 1:35). No doubt these are specially called people, but I wonder if we haven't often too neatly defined the role of the Holy Spirit in many Christian fellowships, in our own lives.

I believe the Spirit is moving to touch people who have not yet confessed publically that Jesus is Lord. I pray for God's Spirit to work in, yea even dwell in my daughters and son. Will God wait until they have taken the step of faith in baptism to dwell in them? Can I pray for the Spirit to dwell in them from their birth, for God's Spirit to be upon them?

Some charasmatic fellowships want to see manifestation of the Holy Spirit through tongues. The fellowship I'm a part of--churches of Christ--often limits the role of the Spirit to post-baptism and find differences in this and other Spirit indwelling mentioned such as Mary and John the Baptist above.

The ways of God's Spirit are mysterious and unfathomable. Yet we seek them, to live the mystery. Let me hear from you...each day I'm happy to hear thoughts from many of you (many that write directly to my email and don't post to the blog), and I don't always ask but it's always implied that comments are welcome...here in particular, I'm looking for input on the ways of the Spirit of God.

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Good questions. Who are we to put limits on the work of the Holy Spirit? Can we contain the wind? I'm exploring more these days about the way the Spirit indwells in the Church collective. Luke Timothy Johnson got me thinking about this when he spoke at ACU's Summit this past year. Often local congregations neglect to actualize the power God has freely given them. I believe the Holy Spirit can, like S/He did in the book of Acts, led the Church to make decisions of faith. We need to be more open to the role of the Spirit in our decision making and seek to honor the God-presence that's been given to us. Thanks for your thoughts. Travis • 7/30/04; 10:10:21 AM #

I know that the spirit worked on/with me before I accepted Christ for many years. I was led to do things that, now in retrospect, I can see put me on the path to salvation and accepting Jesus as my savior. Nothing I could have done on my own. Ron Barbee • 8/2/04; 10:20:54 AM #

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