How are we ever gonna use this?

My wife, Jill, is returning to teaching after a 10-year break to have our three children. "Break" is not the right word. So our lives will take some new twists and turns as Jill picks up the vision of sharpening the Algebra and Geometry thinking skills of a new crop of public middle school children. Lord, bless her, not only for this new mission but also because she's surrounding herself with adolescents on a daily basis.

But that's one place where Jill shines: kneeling by a desk to connect with one student who's struggling to get it and guiding them through to solve it themselves, explaining on the board more clearly than they've heard math before, demonstrating through endless visuals the big question we all asked: "How am I ever gonna use this?!"

How will they use self-worth, problem-solving skills, the pre-requisite math skills for millions of jobs, and mathematical facts that are always true? I'm happy one more light is shining in the public arena, where leaders of tomorrow are learning. She will show them how they're gonna use this.

GeneralGreg Taylor