Lost one and broke the other

When I'm trying to fix one thing, I usually break another. For example, while wiring a CD player for Jill's van (our first auto CD player!), I plugged the connector in wrong and had to pull it out. As I pulled, two tiny wires popped out of the plug like plucking dandilions. What should have taken two hours took four, because I had to replace those delicate little wires first before I could get back to the original installation.

You could tell the old mechanic joke on me: Gave two hunks of galvanized steel to the mechanic. Came back the next day and he'd lost one and broke the other. That's me. I have hard contacts. A few years ago I literally broke one and lost the other within a week's time.

Yep, many times in my life I've broken something in the process of "repairing" something else. Anyone relate? Our lives are full of frustrating broken places, whether by our own fault or with the "help" of someone else. Sometimes we labor to patch the places we've broken in order to get back to the business of our original installation--our dominant vision or mission.

[comments imported from Radio blog] GT, been there done that........more than you want to know! Good to know someone else has that same struggle! Hey, I meant to tell you that I spent some time with Brent Abney in the Northwest a few weeks ago. He sends his love to all you Uganda folks! It was great to get to be around him again, even if it was for a few hours. I wish he lived closer to Searcy. Come see us! David David • 8/21/04; 9:13:36 AM #

A CD player? What's next? A telephone? What I hate is when I am all prepared for a project and realize I don't have the most important thing. Most of mine have to do with paint. Saturday I painted a shelf in the garage. I had the paint, the trays, the dropcloth, etc. Then, I looked for the roller brushes. Nothing. Regular paint brushes? Not a one. Keys for the car for a trip to Lowe's? Ah, there. I find myself doing the same thing with big projects for God. It is frustrating to get all the pieces in places and then realize I'm missing the most important element: GOD himself. Can't count the times I've dropped everything and ran for that element. However, there have also been times (like the time I painted the bookshelf with a windshield wiper) that I go off on my own tangents and end up with a shoddy result. Hmmm.....can't blame God for that one. Anne-Geri' • 8/23/04; 9:42:56 AM #

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