Car Wash, Yeah!

Washed my car this morning because I parked under a tree where a flock of birds unloaded apparently all day long on my Buick hood (this is more akin to my father's Olds/Buick than Tiger's, mind you). So I went to wash my car, and my intent was to get the thing clean. But my intent always twists when I get to the car wash bay. My goal becomes Get-this-thing-soaped-then-rinsed-and-cheap-waxed-all-in-4 minutes-for-a-buck-fifty.

At the car wash bay I'm trying to scrounge for quarters and short of coins, I'm desparately trying to time everything so no soap is left and I get the rinse job done just in time. I often start my worship this way. My intentions are good but my flesh slams me and I think how much I'd like to just punch the right buttons and get this thing done with as little cost and sacrifice to me. I'm clean enough, let's move this thing out of the car wash bay, por favore! One of these days I'll fill my pocket so full of quarters it sags and I'll take my time (if no one's behind me) and I'll wash that car with that cool wand until I'm satisfied it's clean, and one of these days I'll learn to sit still and know God and realize how much he's washed me, and I'll let the water stream down and enjoy.

GeneralGreg Taylor