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A question was asked about online Wineskins helping with speed of delivery, costs, etc. Here's what's happening right now with Wineskins magazine transition (

  • We are at the 18 month point in our transition from print to online
  • Many have said/asked, "I thought you were going out of print, but now I hear you have some print issues coming out or just out. What's the deal?" Both are true. We are going online, but this takes phasing out print subscriptions. Those who have paid are still served print issues until they lapse. We have not taken renewals in 18 months, and we are trying to transfer as many as possible online to receive content from the web site.
  • Therefore, in this 18 month period, we have still produced both print (double) issues and between those (we've done 3 double issues in last year), we have done purely online issues that are in PDF and text article format. You can see these at our archives link on the web site.
  • Do people like it? Yes and no. Many people say they miss the print (but we are still doing print, so if you miss it and your subscription has lapsed, BUY it! They are available here).
  • Will Wineskins continue and will this be successful? We already have more than 1,000 subscribers online and about that many more logged in as users who view free content. We anticipate continued growth and are very happy with this growth in the past 18 months. Please pass the word along about the magazine.
  • Is Cope and Shelly still involved? Yes, they are still co-editors and Lynn Anderson, Darryl Tippens, Thom Lemmons are still department editors. I also have help from Margy Smith Roark and Shannon Whitehead, who copyedit.
  • What is the connection with The ZOE Group? We are published by The Zoe Group, Inc., owned by ZOE. More and more we are one ministry and working seamlessly after three years of getting to know how the two organizations can function together.
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