Go Dog Go

This morning Jill asked my oldest daughter and me if we knew that last night Jacob read Go Dog Go, Hop on Pop, and part of Green Eggs and Ham . . . I had heard him reading but should have savored the moment and watched, but I was preoccupied with thoughts and searching internet for an aerator rental for the backyard and how I wanted grass for a football field this winter and not a mud pit, and I missed that milestone.

I'll be there for the full Green Eggs and Ham.


The other day Jacob said, "I wish I had a brother."

"I'm your brother," I said.

"You're my dad."

"Yes, but I'm your brother too. When you get bigger, the same size as me, we'll be like brothers and play and you can pin me down in wrestling."

"I can already pin you down, dad. And when I get bigger, I'll really beat you in football."

I better get that aerator and get the football field ready.

GeneralGreg Taylor