ZOE Conference in Nashville

The reason I haven't posted in a few days is because I've been involved in the ZOE conference here in Nashville all last week. This is the most active time of the year for us, and though it is always a high point of the year, I'm of course always relieved to wrap up the weekend and get back to a "normal" routine.

Some highlights from the conference:

  • Brian McLaren - If hearing Brian speak four times was not enough, I was blessed as well to drive him a time or two between Woodmont and his hotel. He is a gracious and astute person and there's no wonder he's written something like seven bestselling books and is a spokesperson for an entire new generation of emergent churches. It doesn't hurt that he looks like a guru, balding, grey beard, hip glasses, warm wry smile, good timing and wit, and most importantly something important to say.
  • Friends - Deron Smith, Sara Barton, and Danny Hardman stayed with our family and that was the best part of the weekend for our entire family. We all get giddy when we have visitors.
  • Cope and Walling - these guys are ever changing and growing. They have re-made themselves over the last few years in some aspects of what they do best: redemptively challenge audiences with their gift of preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Variety of worship styles - we enjoyed the blessing of half a dozen different worship experiences led by different groups as broad ranging as Watershed to Keith Lancaster to ZOE. I'm glad for the diverse styles we have available to us in the church.

I'll be back this week posting a variety of thoughts on two events I anticipate most this fall: baseball playoffs and the election. Go Cardinals. Congratulations Stros. I hope Edwards holds his own against Cheney Tuesday night. Should be interesting.

GeneralGreg Taylor