5th - 6th graders silent?

In my class of thirty 5th and 6th graders--we call it JAM 56--we had five minutes of quiet reflection. Do you know how hard that is for that age on a Wednesday night. Actually, it's more effective than trying it with adults--might put them to sleep after work day on Wednesday. Here's the straw poll on this group. About ten percent have some kind of structured quiet time in their homes. About the same percentage say their parents pray with them. We've been talking about developing their prayer life with God, praying the Lord's Prayer, talking about our true Father who we can address in our prayers, who Jesus invites us to call "Abba," as in a Dear Father to us. Jesus' Father is our Father.

We've also been learning how to turn Scriptures into prayers. We prayed last night during our meditation to "Open our eyes to see the wonderful things in your teachings" (Psalm 118:19).

During the quiet time, I was tempted to dash out and check the score of the tied Cardinals game. I did not pray for them because I'm not sure God would care the outcome, but they won and tied the series anyway. After church I told a friend--after talking five minutes with him--that I needed to go and check on a couple of championship games, and he jokingly said, "I'm glad my life is not ruled by such addictions." I said, "Me too. We can't all have the same addictions, brother, or we wouldn't be a body." Then I left to watch the most incredible baseball game outcome that I've experienced in my lifetime as the Boston Red Sox came back from a 3-0 deficit with the Evil Empire and won the series 4-3! Never been done in baseball history. Jill thinks Johnny Damon is cute. She also wants the Astros to win tonight, and I'm of course a Cards fan, but if the Astros do win, I'll be happy to see these two hungry teams, since the Astros have never been in history to the World Series.

GeneralGreg Taylor