Out of the closet and into the light

Much prayer, thought, and team editorial work can go into one article for a magazine or journal. One example is one by Dr. Christopher Austin that is available both in our newest print Wineskins and our online journal NEW WINESKINS. The article is titled, Out of the closet and into the light: ministering to those with same-sex attractions, and is one of the most frank yet nuanced and biblical contributions to the discussion of homosexuality I've read in some time.

Along with the article are several good resources for those struggling with same-sex attractions or for ministering to them. When you click over, if you are not a Wineskins subscriber, you will be asked to sign up for a 10-day free trial. Our site was on the front edge of the new movement to provide high quality articles for a small fee. Ours is very minimal: $19.95 a year for a subscription and full access to new articles daily and archives of the magazine.

GeneralGreg Taylor