Explaining how I feel to a non-sports fan

I tried to explain to a friend, who's not a sports fan, the sense of disappointment about the Cards getting swept by the Red Sox. It's like

  • An avid reader and fan of C.S. Lewis finding out he made up his life story
  • A Ford Mustang enthusiast buying the '04 and finding a '72 Pinto engine in it
  • A W. or Kerry fan and your candidate gets shut out in debates or loses campaign

Even so, we could not have been swept by a better and more anointed team of destiny than the Boston Red Sox. I may have come down with a case of the dry heaves if the Yankees had swept the Redbirds. So, not just congratulations to the Red Sox but a hearty Pedro Martinez glove slap on the rear like he did to Larry Walker in game 3, "Way to go, Red Sox! You deserve this."

GeneralGreg Taylor