Mandate to be a statesman

Rick Horowitz crunched some numbers that help give us some perspective on Bush's mandate.

President Bush received more than 59.7 million votes; that's more votes than any presidential candidate has ever received, and 3.5 million more than John Kerry got. So I ask you: If winning by 3.5 million votes isn't a mandate, what is? Well, how about winning by 7 million votes? The president's father did that back in 1988, against Michael Dukakis . . . More

The death of Yasar Arafat presents President George W. Bush with a challenge of taking his crippled credibility in the world and trying to be a statesman. But does he have an international mandate to do this? It's times like these that he needs to call on Colin Powell, who has earned such a mandate in the world. He may also call on people like Khalil E. Jahshan, who wrote for Wineskins about Arab-American relations.

GeneralGreg Taylor