Coaching Soccer

Jacob, 5, Anna, 8, Ashley, 10

Just finished today with soccer season for all three of our children. Jill and I both coach their teams. Soccer's a great sport. We love coaching. We do it for our children's fun, skills development and growth in teamwork and learning to compete. I tell the parents that we often learn more from losing than from winning, though we like to win! I sure do.

As coaches, we find out more about the lives of our children's teammates and classmates. Two girls who are in Anna's class and soccer team have moms with newborns. One of those girls is in a stepfamily; her mom married again in January. Jill is out right now getting a gift for their new baby.

If you are looking for ways to get involved in your community and help transfer life, and if you have the disposition and basic knowledge of a sport, then coach. I still remember coaches from my schooldays who took time to show concern for me, laugh with me, teach me. Kids glow when coaches encourage them, positively work with them to improve, and touch their lives in unique and life-giving ways off the field.

GeneralGreg Taylor