Psalm 93 Thanksgiving Meditation: Thou art from Everlasting

Psalm 93 is a joyful expression of God's everlasting power, a reminder to us in an age of over-singing about ourselves and growing concerns for our own security that God is not only "in control," but always has been--regardless of what we think or who we think is running the show on a local or world scale. And he will accomplish his purposes however he wants, through whom he wants, whenever he wants. Psalm 93 Freely Adapted By Greg Taylor

The Lord is clothed in majesty, armed with strength.

The world is firmly established and we had nothing to do with setting its foundations--we don't even understand how God could be from eternity, not bound by time with no beginning or end. For all we know Jesus Christ himself came to earth from the future.

The seas roar, waves pound. A hurricane. Winds that break the weatherman's instruments. Tornadoes. But you are more mighty than a storm, more powerful than lightning.

Holiness fits you. We don't have a better word but we need to keep trying to come up with ones that fit, because you're worthy. You are not holy as in "holier than thou" but because you bring us to our knees in reverence and awe and wonder and love and terribleness and joy all at the same time and we can't fathom you but we at least want to love you. Holiness befits your house, forever O Lord. Forever.

I want you to hear a sample of Second Chapter of Acts,* their meditation on Psalm 93

*I'm revealing my 70s - 80s music biases here (with Keith Green on Thursday and now what I'm about to tell you . . . my rock-n-roll roots are for another post, but 2nd Chapter of Acts is another Christ-centered 70s - 80s group that touched my heart when I was a teenager--and still does.

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