Recipe for Thanksgiving Dressing and Conversational Prayer

How refreshing it was to have a conversational prayer with our small group Sunday night in our home. A friend who I'd helped with a manuscript sent me a Greenberg turkey all the way from Tyler, Texas, as thanks, and I carved it for our small group, made dressing (or stuffing as some call it . . . yes, I made it--write me for recipe). We moved from the thanksgiving meal to a time of discussion about what Scripture and events had shaped us in the last week, then Mike Comegna led us in a time of conversational prayer.

We're using a good study guide called Growing in God's Love, and it describes conversational prayer something like this:

  • Start praying, not with spending valuable time with requests. Follow the lead of the topic of a person who prays.
  • Stay on one topic at a time.
  • Be brief, allowing others to hear and not lose concentration or daydream, then join in.
  • Be spontaneous. Instead of going in a circle, join in when the Spirit moves you on a certain topic or topics at different times.

Conversational prayer worked well and rather than exhausting ourselves talking about the requests then having a few minutes of prayer, we began with a time of adoration of God, moved to thanksgiving for what he has done in the world and in our lives, then finished with intercession for family and friends, particularly our interaction during the holidays with some who are not Christians or for those in difficult family situations.

This recipe for prayer worked well for us, but there are as many recipes for Spirit-led prayer, such as conversational prayer, as there are recipes for Thanksgiving dressing (stuffing). May we all use some of those recipes for Thanksgiving prayer this week, and I'd like to hear about some of yours.

GeneralGreg Taylor