History helps us avoid mistakes . . . or something more?

What Douglas A. Foster says about history will now stick with me every time someone says, "We ought to know history so we can avoid mistakes of the past . . . " Foster disagrees. In a recent article, he writes this contrary view to the conventional wisdom about learning from history (he is a historian, so don't think he's down on history!):

I am convinced, however, that the primary reason it is vital for Christians to know our history is to make us humble.

(Douglas A. Foster, "Ignorance is not bliss," Christian Standard (November 7, 2004 Vol 139, no. 45).

Foster along with D. Newell Williams, Paul Blowers, and Tony Dunnavant (who died during the preparation of the 800 page tome) have recently with Eerdmans released the most extensive and broad reference work ever to be done on all of the Stone-Campbell movement: Stone-Campbell Encyclopedia.

GeneralGreg Taylor