Psalm 62

Today I'm reflecting on two mysteries of God that David spoke of in Psalm 62:

God is loving. God is strong.

Those are the two sides of the vise that often squeeze our faith in events such as the Tsunami. How much more those in the path of the destruction?

Some might say these two sides of the vise are where our problems begin and continue as we try to reconcile an all-loving God and an all-powerful God. Still, as Augustine said, we're talking about God here. As God tells Isaiah, "My ways are not your ways."

I keep coming back to his unfathomable power that created and sustains more suns than there are humans on earth and his tender love that would reach down to us in Christ while in our rebellion and turn us back toward his face. He knows every Thai and Malaysian and Indonesian and Indian and Kenyan and Acehian name who died, who lost loved ones. He who made the universe and more galaxies than we can count, loves us. He knows when a sparrow falls to the ground. Does he not also know and suffer with us when 150,000 fall?

As many of the faithful to God in Southeast Asia have said after the Tsunami, may we be able to say, "God is powerful. God is loving" when we lose loved ones, one by one or all at once.

GeneralGreg Taylor