"It's hard to believe in God when a baby gets buried"--Laura Ramirez, sister-in-law of Jimmie Wallet who lost his wife and 3 daughters in mudslide

Jimmie Wallet lost everything in the mudslide. He had gone out to get ice cream, and when he came back he found the house covered in the mudslide and collapsed, his wife and three daughters inside. Yesterday rescuers found their lifeless bodies, confirming what he had been distraught about for 36 hours. He was so frantic that police had to restrain him from attempting to dig in the rubble, fearing he would get hurt. Told by rescuers he may get hurt, he responded, "I don't care if I die."

"It's hard to believe in God when a baby gets buried," said Jimmie Wallet's sister-in-law, Laura Ramirez. She said the family is Roman Catholic.

Search ends in grief

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