Mike Cope's son, Christopher

From Mike Cope:

6:12 pm 1/16/05 I stop only long enough to plead for prayers. My son and some friends were being driven back from Winterfest this afternoon in a Suburban that flipped. Chris has been intubated and is about to be flown to a children's hospital in the metroplex. My little boy was beaten black and blue. They're saying he's stable. CT scans showed no head injuries inside. The boy next to him died. I grieve horribly for the family. But I'm off. Diane is flying with Chris. I only pause because I beg you to pray for my son.

Please see Mike's blog for updates: http://mikecope.blogspot.com

Last week, before this happened, Mike and I prepared the first article--a tribute to MLK, Jr.--of the NEW WINESKINS Jan - Feb 05 issue, "Ethics: The Drama Continues." We decided to begin the issue on MLK, Jr. Day because of his ethic of love, non-violence, and impact on the world. See Wineskins.org for a new article each day. Bookmark the site or make it your home page.

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