Jacob's Easter Shirt

As I've mentioned before, Jacob is reflective in the mornings . . . Lying in bed with Jill and me he says, "Do you have a special Easter shirt for me?"

I'm thinking, This kid never ceases to amaze me with his fashion sense. The other day I came down with a shirt on and he said, "Dad, that shirt looks bad."

Jill tells him "No, I don't have an Easter shirt for you, buddy."

Jacob's in thought. "Then I'll wear one that I really love." He points two fingers in the air like a flight attendant. "Oh yeah, gonna wear my skateboard shirt." Another nice touch were his green soccer socks with his dress shoes.

Another reason I really love Jill: she says, "That's perfect, Jacob." She told me later that she wants our kids to grow up knowing that Easter is not about wearing the right thing or having new clothes or even eggs and bunnies but about the resurrection of Christ . . . and perhaps the same lesson could be taught by dressing up in your best to honor Christ, and that's what we heard a lot growing up. Whatever works to return us to true Easter.

GeneralGreg Taylor