Visitor from Rifle

Twenty years ago I went with a group to help conduct a Vacation Bible School in Rifle, Colorado. That's the trip Tony Kocher's jaw locked out when he yawned while we drove in Mickey Miller's van, and we had to stop at an emergency room to unlock his jaw. Mickey Miller died last year. It was in Rifle that I met Trent Williamson. We've been friends twenty years, both attending Harding and walking into a web of friends that has provided strength, spiritual food, laughter, challenge for two decades. Trent is now principal of New Hope Christian Academy in Memphis, Tennessee. New Hope is an inner-city private school with eighty percent of its student body coming from lower income families in section 8 housing. The mission is to help prepare a generation of students who do not have such opportunities for Christian education. Trent and all the staff and teachers are living a missional life in reaching out to students to give them hope.

Wednesday, Trent was in town with some students in an activity here in Nashville, so he and one of his fifth-graders stayed the night and we caught up on each other's lives. What great joy it is to have friends stop in.

GeneralGreg Taylor