Wasting time

I love what my cousin, Clint Davis, said in his Clint Davis Blog about wasting time on God, so we know it's not us who "produce" but God who is Lord of the universe . . . and we are not. Wasting time helps us remember that vital fact. I'm crazy about the new book by Earl "the pearl" Lavender and Gary "smilin'" Holloway, Living God's Love. Here's what they say about wasting time.

We also must be willing to "waste time" with God. Being silent with him for 15 minutes to an hour daily is a way of acknowledging that he is God and we are not.

Waste a little time reading blogs by a few of my family members:

  • Clint Davis Clint writes about the connection we must make between rich and poor nations, particularly his involvement in Uganda and Rwanda
  • Brent Taylor I remember Brent reading thick novels to my dottling in thinly veiled excuses for literature growing up. He is a builder, CPA, and working on a family book of writings now.
  • Dr. Toby You'll get a good mix of serious experiences in being a pediatrician and practicing internal medicine in Utica, New York plus some pretty funny stories about childhood or his own kids.

    All three blogs are an enormous waste of time and I think you'll love them.

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