The Boss

Devils and Dust releases today. Bruce Springsteen was on NPR yesterday singing, "Jesus was an only son . . . " and Ashley, my eleven-year-old, asked me who that was singing. "The Boss," I replied, thinking how sad it is yet how fun it is to be able to introduce her to some of the music before her time that endures today. "Who's that? Is he a country singer?"

"No, well, he sings a lot of things, but he's a famous rock singer, one of the best, the Boss."

So I called her in this morning because they said he'd be singing on the Today show, but they keep stringing us along and Ashley has to go to school without hearing from the Boss this morning.

One of the best things about the Boss is that he is a lyrical, melodic storyteller as well as a strong songwriter and musician.

GeneralGreg Taylor