In Flight Tomato Juice

What is it about airplanes that seems to compel people to drink tomato juice? Do these tomato connoisseurs drink the stuff at home? There's always one or two people in earshot ordering tomato juice on flights. Am I missing something?

Why don't people ask this question at McDonalds? Ever look around at a restaurant and see a glasses with the red stuff on ice?

Does this calm flight nerves? Give you an antitoxin boost? Just glad American started serving Diet Dr. Pepper.

If you are a tomato juice orderer, please explain.

Best Soft Drinks [Not all available on flights -- please ask your flight attendant] 1. Diet Dr. Pepper 2. Cold Coca-Cola on ice after a day on dusty roads, but this wouldn't apply to flights, would it? 3. Bitter Lemon (similar to Fresca) 4. Diet Cherry Diet Coke at Sonic (you have to say diet twice) 5. Fresca

GeneralGreg Taylor