One Grand Laceration

My brother, Dr. Toby, wrote in his blog about my son's recent trip to the ER. Toby is not your typical doctor. I wish we lived in the same town so he could be my doctor all the time (even so, we call him several times a year for advice). He still does house calls, charges much less than he could, is very accessible, listens a lot to patient history and doesn't overly rely on tests without history-taking as some docs are wont to do.

Toby and his wife, Debbie, go into public high schools and do abstinence sex education programs, and they have been instrumental in supporting and directing efforts of a pregnancy clinic in their community. I'll have more information about that clinic in another post, because they need donations to purchase updated equipment and staff the facility.

These are the types of programs I believe in, and when good Christian people stand against abortion, they should also stand for the missions of clinics like this, abstinence programs, and many other ways to prevent "unwanted" pregnancies.

Read Toby's blog. It's a good way to get into the mind and heart of a doctor who cares about the world around him, his community, the poor, ethical issues, better ways to serve patients, advice on health and life.

GeneralGreg Taylor