Cars, Route 66, and the Admiral Twin Drive In

To see Cars, Jill and I decided to take the kids to the Drive In movie theater. The Admiral Twin Drive In is spitting distance from Route 66 so it was fitting to take the kids to their first drive in to see Cars and to actually feel we were in the movie cheering on and lamenting the loss of this slice of Americana: Route 66 and towns it split and drive ins.

The kids were surprised by everything. Where do they show the movie? How do we hear it? It's outside? Jill and I were surprised by the recent addition of narrow cast FM to hear the sound, and we were shocked that you couldn't just pay for a carload--we spared our children details about how we and previous generations on occasion entered clandestinely to save on the price of drive in movies.

I really enjoyed the second tension in the movie that showed how the interstates changed the face and future of Radiator Springs. Cars had the "I-can't-believe-I'm-watching-inanimate-objects-as-characters-I-might-care-about" feeling of the Brave Little Toaster but was much better. Of course the animation and action was better but the storyline was much better, too, and there were no attempted Bob Dylan sound-alike songs.

But here we were backed up with minivan hatch up, watching the 1950s countdown to the movie with shameless appeals for everyone to get their popcorn before the movie begins. Another 50s slide came on encouraging us to "Attend the church of your choice this Sunday, and take a friend with you!"

I was really happy we attended the drive in of our choice . . . since the eighteen-wheelers brought those big air handlers to town on the interstate, seems these days people don't think they have much of a choice but to sit in padded and cool indoor theaters. We all enjoyed the outdoor experience of the drive in, and we think we'll go again to the Admiral Twin, our favorite. OK, well, it's the only one in town.

GeneralGreg Taylor