Tax exemption

Jill and I are driving down the highway on a recent trip, discussing her paperwork for tax exemptions related to her teaching paychecks. G: "Did you take any exemptions on your paycheck?"

J: "One . . . that's what you sa--"

G: "I said one to three."

J: "That was your opinion but I wanted facts."

G: "You can't handle the facts."

J: "You don't really understand what tax exemptions are, do you?"

G: "No, but just because I don't fully understand doesn't mean I can't partially explain."

Wry smiles on both our faces, we love to make each other laugh or smile.

Later, when we arrived at our destination, we queried two accountant/businessmen friends to explain tax exemptions on paychecks, the point system where you take one to whatever number of exemptions. Too many factors, they explained, to really say what an exemption really means.

Business people and accountants: I have a free copy of Dennis W. Bakke's Joy at Work for whoever writes the best explanation of a tax exemption. Be sure I have email or some way to contact you for mailing address.

Greg Taylor