In the life of a mission team, as most organizations, there are "documents," written words that define identity, purpose, vision, strategy. I want you to see the ongoing work of the Jinja Mission that we have been part of since 1994, and we are proud of those who have taken up the vision of seeing life-change in the Soga people since our departure in 2001.

Look at Jinja Missions web site and you'll find a "Phase 5" document. We began a "Phase 4" document with an analogy of basketball, and the current team began theirs with one from soccer. I really like both ideas but I love how they have built on ideas and made them their own and partnered even more with Ugandans as we were doing, to creatively reach out and bless a people who we dearly love.

Here is the current team's sports analogy and below that is the previous team's from 2001.

2006 - Phase 5 Johann Cruyff and the “Clockwork Orange” Dutch National Team of the 1970’s revolutionized the game of soccer with their “total football” style of play. This strategy emphasized the adaptability of individual players within a fluidly shifting formation, encouraging spontaneity within order, and creating new possibilities for what a team could accomplish together. It is in the spirit of total football that we put forward the Phase V document, in order to provide a flexible structure that allows us to function intentionally, creatively, and openly towards identified goals. The structure is created by our shared visions and principles. Flexibility arises from our willingness to discern and respond as a team to God’s continual action as we perceive Him working together. Just as the Total Football concept is designed to create movement and space, we hope that in putting forward this strategy we are creating space for God to move and act in our lives and in the Busoga Churches of Christ.

2001 - Phase 4 "There is no rigidity here; but there is some structure." That's what former professional basketball player and current U.S. Senator Bill Bradley had to say about the game of basketball on the NBA's 50th Anniversary special. We have used this quote at the beginning of our Phase documents because we feel it describes well our intentions in presenting the visions and objectives that the documents contain. As a mission team, we work from a set of strong principles, solid convictions, and aggressive goals- that gives us our structure. But within that structure, our team functions with a good deal of flexibility. There are many judgment calls, there is room for creative expression, and there are always contextual adjustments. It is this structured flexibility that we hope will keep us open to God's guidance as we try to implement this Phase IV Action Plan for His glory. Likewise, it is this Phase IV Action Plan that will guide us as we try to move toward our long-term vision for the churches of Christ in Busoga, Uganda.

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