Can eating locally be frugal?

I've been watching local farms around me and slowly finding ways to buy locally and support sustainable agriculture in Oklahoma. Your state likely has an organization for local growers. Oklahoma Food Coop

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Have you ever wondered or cared where your food comes from? Do you care if the person who picked your McDonalds tomato was paid so little to do that work that they live below poverty level? Do we just plain eat too much at the cost of other human beings and animals?

In Uganda Jill's main cookbook was a Doris Janzen Mennonite cookbook called More with less. The problem with eating locally and organically is that it's expensive. The Mennonites combine the ideas of frugality with locality. They also just came out with a new book about eating in season called Simply in season.

Where does your food come from?

I'm beginning to wonder about the land around us that we could use to grow food rather than grass, such as the acres of grass our church has mowed for decades. Could we plow under some sod and invite our neighbors to help us plant a community garden? In Brooklyn, these teenagers have done just that.

A farm grows in Brooklyn

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