Sabbath in O'Hare Airport

Delayed seven hours in O'Hare in Chicago and read most of the time a new book by Norman Wirzba, Living the Sabbath. Wirzba focuses on the Hebrew idea of menuha of God, the Sabbath rest, beauty, tranquility of things as they ought to be, an idea connected with Shalom. God created menuha by taking delight in his creation and showing us how to delight in God and his creation. I also read this excellent collection of essays put together by a group called "Practicing Our Faith." Robert Kruschwitz is lead editor of this July 2002 issue of "Christian Reflection: A Series in Faith and Ethics" that features essays on the topic of Sabbath keeping -- including an interview with Dorothy C. Bass on "Opening the Gift of Sabbath."

The collection also includes an article by Blaine McCormick, who wrote an article on Sabbath in his home a few years ago in Wineskins. I really enjoyed working with him on the article, and the one in the collection above is an update on how things are going with Sabbath-keeping in his family.

SabbathGreg Taylor