Colin Powell & Joe Montana

Thanks to Bruce and Valerie Judd, I am at the Get Motivated Seminar at the new BoK Center in downtown Tulsa. I parked at Memorial Bus Station and rode the bus, which drops off at the Denver Station across the stree from the BoK. Traffic, they say, was awful this morning and likely will be again at rush hour. Colin Powell was great and my favorite story was his last about a hot dog vendor on Park Avenue in New York City where he gets his hot dog and mustard and red onions and the guy recognizes him and says he doesn't have to pay. The hot dog vendor is a recent immigrant and says Powell and U.S. leadership already paid him for the chance to come to America and make a living and have a future.

Immigration is a big issue in this campaign, though I haven't heard much talk about it so far. I'll be listening particularly in the first debate on foreign policy, because the two are related.

Joe Montana I think is coming up soon, so I better get back.

Greg Taylor