Danny 191

My son played flag football a couple of years ago and we noticed an overweight coach for the other team. We didn't know his name until he came on the biggest loser. We didn't connect him with the guy we saw at the flag football field till he said he was a flag football coach in Broken Arrow and couldn't run on the field with his son's team. Now he can. Danny is the Biggest Loser winner and an amazing story. He lost more than half his weight and now weighs less than me! OK, I'm going on the Danny 191 diet. Gotta reach at least 191 by the end of the year. I hope I see him around town when he comes back from Hollywood to congratulate him and to watch him run on the field with his son next time he coaches.

Congratulations, Danny.

We're also happy for another local and fellow minister, Sean Algaier, who lost more than a third of his body weight and is not finished. I heard he ran in the Route 66 Marathon. That's a fantastic accomplishment, and we are very proud of you, Sean.

Missional ChurchGreg Taylor