Ida and the Roller Coaster

Quick break from water wells to hear the legendary story of "Ida and the Roller Coaster." [youtube=]

Two years ago, Deron and Becca Smith took Ida Bozonoona and her husband Richard to Silver Dollar City in Branson, Mo., and they enjoyed it very much, except Ida nearly "died for a second" when she went upside down. She said never again will she ride that roller coaster that turns upside down. "It will be my child (who rides it)," Ida said.

We've really enjoyed staying the night and eating several meals with Richard and Ida. Visiting their place is a highlight of our trip, and they do a great job of giving our children lots of Ugandan experiences such as making chapatis, roast corn and chicken, peeling matooke, and walking through the village smelling coffee blossoms and seeing all the crops including sugar cane, yams, bananas, coffee, and corn.

Here is the video classic telling of "Ida and the Roller Coaster."

Richard loved riding the roller coaster as much as he enjoyed listening to his wife's story in this video. Notice Ida's holding Rubel on her back with a wrap, and Ruben is holding corn and wearing some cute little slippers.