Reading: The Second Messiah by Glenn Meade

The Second Messiah. Glenn Meade. Howard Books, $22.50 hardcover (464p) ISBN 978-1-4516-1184-7
With this the Irish-born author of Snow Wolf will teeter on the edge of genius and for some, sacrilege--though the subject of this thriller has been known since the time of Christ.
When archaeologist Jack Cane discovers Qumran documents that point to the existence of another Messiah, he quickly finds out that both Jewish and Catholic authorities have reason to possess or suppress such documents. Racked with the pain of a personal loss, he meets up with an old friend, Lela, who is part of a Jewish police force investigating multiple crimes committed, including a cold case involving the possible murder of Cane’s parents--also archaeologists--twenty years before.
Some who have avoided Christian fiction or only dipped their toes in the waters, will find this departure from the mold refreshing as some Christian fiction readers may find revolting, both in terms of faith and in terms of innuendo. Fans of Davis Bunn or Dan Brown won’t bat an eye at Meade’s unblinking look at the interior of the Vatican and the landscape of all religious secrecy and guardianship that breeds such novels. With a plot that screams, a controversial edge, and characters with attitude and something to prove, The Second Messiah has all the makings to be the next Da Vinci Code.