Poetry of a Cell Phone Call

cell phone icon

A man with a thick accent talking on the phone in a cafe one day . . . He was talking really loud. I couldn't think or concentrate on anything else. I had no headphones to drown out his voice. I could have left, but I just started typing his side of the call.

Louis [Lew-eeese] no, no, no, I really don’t like this, Louis.

I’m really surprised, Louis.

No, Louis. Louis. Louis. I understand this but you are talking nonsense. Is Jose there?

No, no, no, I want. This is bulls***, Louis.

Louis, Louis. You should tell me. No, no.

I don’t understand. Are you willing to take this 50K?

Is Jose there?


Louis, can I talk to Jose?

Can you get him to call my cell?

Hello? Louis?