A Little Something About My Dad On His Birthday

My father was born September 6, 1935 in Bluejacket, Oklahoma. Well, at least I think that's where he was born. Guess I should ask to be sure. Was he born in the hospital or at home? I don't really know. The things you think you know you probably don't know. I do know that's where dad grew up and went to school and I think that's where he graduated from, or was it Vinita? Well, I guess I should ask him. I remember he said his basketball team lost thirty games in a row, or was it 24? And he broke the streak by coming off the bench and hitting two free throws to win the game that broke the longest losing streak in school history. Or was it a three-pointer. No, they didn't have that stripe then. Wonder what the uniforms looked like? Guess I should ask him. Dad loved cars from an early age and there's a picture of him as a little guy sitting on top of a pile of license plates he'd collected. He enjoyed cars before he could drive. I can tell it bothers him when the family doesn't want him to drive as much cause his eye sight and reflexes are getting a bit worn down. I know he loves freedom of checking progress on his home building jobs and he's always loved driving the country. No telling how many cars he's bought and sold, but he's never been overly impressed with the new ones. He finds value in the old ones that have the expensive first 20-40K miles worn off them. I agree and that's what I enjoy getting, the great deal on a used car. Dad's a builder, a generous Christian who has often combined his love for God and fellow man with his enjoyment of cars, and I've seen him more than once give a car to a traveling-through missionary so they can drive and meet with supporters. He's been doing that for four decades and still does. I think Larry Conway was one of the last I saw driving one of dad's finds. You are a great man who I've tried to imitate in all your good qualities. Probably picked up a few of the bad qualities, but let's call those hereditary or common to humanity and those are my responsibility now. Happy Birthday, Dad.