New Book Project: Clue 1

I'm writing my first book in ten years. My last was a novel called High Places. Have I been writing in the last decade? Yes. I've co-authored three books, ghostwritten (well, you'll never know will you?), and edited numerous books. That's what I've primarily done in writing and editing since stepping down from editing Wineskins Magazine a few years ago. I also write for national journals and magazines such as Publishers Weekly and Leadership Journal. OK, so back to my first book in ten years. I'm going to post some clues and leads and some sample writing to draw you in to one of the best stories I've witnessed in my life. The story takes place outside the United States. The story I'm writing about is a true story. The genre is called "Narrative Non-Fiction."

Can you guess what continent or region of the world the story takes place? Comment if you know, ask questions, and with each clue I'll address any of your questions about writing, editing, your own writing, storytelling, preaching, whatever you want to ask or comment on.