Dr. Meg Meeker

Good but too short interview with Dr. Meg Meeker. Meg Meeker, M.D. » Today’s Interview With American Catholic Radio: http://www.megmeekermd.com/2013/03/interview-american-catholic-radio/#.UVCqlB4QA5U.twitter

Dr. Meg Meeker's unique and powerful perspective is rich and varied, but one big idea that can change the world of many families is this:

Cover of "Strong Fathers, Strong Daughter...

Your child is not the center of the family.

Who is? Parents? No.

God is the center of the home.

And recovering that center is a big part of what Dr. Meeker calls people to. As a family doctor, however, her focus of writing began when she continually saw the effects of teen girls who had been involved sexually and it led her to write with a great passion against the cultural norm of sexualizing young girls and what we can do about it.

I read her book, Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters and it was part of the redemption of my dad-hood during some very tough years of being a dad to two teenaged girls. They are still teens (19, 16) and the huge difference her book made (and one other by Eugene H. Peterson, Like Dew Your Youth) revived my sleeping, frustrated dad self from a guy who didn’t really know how to interact well with my pre-teen then early teen daughters to one who I think is a good father for them because Dr. Meeker strongly urged me to not give up, to be the strong dad they need, and keep pointing them to the Father of Fathers.