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What is your first experience with the Bible?

What is your first experience with the Bible? You are encouraged to respond by email or comments to this question as Greg will use these responses as research for his new book and possibly contact you for an interview.

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"Electing to Follow Jesus" by Randy Harris with Greg Taylor

Before the 2016 election, I helped Randy Harris publish with Charis Magazine a series of articles that serve to help us think through our politics. I heard Randy speak about this at Pepperdine University and offered to edit the talks into a five part series for Charis.

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A Step Toward Unity

This is the text of a sermon I gave Sunday, August 21, 2011 at Garnett Church of Christ. The goal is to motivate our church to pray the prayer of unity with Jesus Christ, and to live it out in simple yet bold ways with other Christians in our circles, in particular through a partnership with Connection Church.

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